Privacy Policy

San Jose Male Waxing takes your privacy seriously. We will not, Share, Sell, or Exploit your personal information. 

The booking system we use is "Cloud-Based" and On-Line, you will only ever receive a Text or E-mail from us when scheduling your appointment, once when the appointment is booked another text or email will be sent (24 hours before) with a reminder or any appointment changes. 


We use Square Online Appointments for our scheduling system. This requires you to put in your Credit Card information along with your First name, Last name, Phone number, and Email address. The information is kept secure and private through Square's Data Base and is never shared with any parties, other than San Jose Male Waxing, your credit card information is never shared with any business, person, place, or thing including San Jose Male Waxing. Credit Cards stay on file for up to 14 days after the appointment ON THE SQUARE PLATFORM after that your credit card information is deleted. San Jose Male Waxing never has your Credit Card Information nor access to this information, although credit cards are required to RESERVE your appointment at no time will your card be charged unless authorized by you or there is a failure to follow the cancelation policy set out below. 


Although you will need to complete an intake form, both for insurance purposes as well as California law requirements, this information is kept secure, private, and confidential. 

Cancellation Policy

  1. All appointments will need to be Booked Online through the website and secured with a credit card. (*please note that your CC is not actually charged, I never have access to this information, you will still need to pay at the time of service)

  2. Because some people suffer from Dick-itus, Booking Online is the best way to get Hot and Hair Free with me.  

  3. My availability is limited so pre-booking is always recommended.

  4. Cancelations will need to be 48 hours In advance.

  5. Don't feel like coming in? Not showing up for your appointment at the time you booked will result in your credit card being charged the full-service fee plus a $50.00 inconvenience fee. 

  6. While I would love to wait around for you all day. There is a 10 min. late arrival window, if you fail to contact me within the 10 min. window I will consider you a No Show and charge your credit card as laid out above. 

  7. No Shows will also result in the inability to reschedule with me in the future.

  8. Packages - if you have purchased a package and need to cancel the same policy above applies. If you need to reschedule your package there is a limit of 2 reschedules before the package becomes void. Not Showing for a scheduled package service results in Voiding of entire remaining credits as well as a $50 inconvenience fee charge. 

  9. First and Last name is required for booking as well as a Phone number.