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Treat YOur Body


The Low Down on the Rub Down!

A blend of Swedish, Lomi Lomi & Table Thai

1 Hour  $85

1.5 Hour  $125

Let's take it Deeper Add in the use of CBD oil for only $25 More

Get Cupped! Add on the detoxifying art of Cupping (Free, just ask)

Get Stoned (hot stone)

1.5 Hour $145

My style blends traditional Swedish techniques with the Hawaiian influence of Lomi Lomi all while combing stretching techniques from Thai massage. Relaxation with a Purpose! 

Body, Mind & Soulful Balance

Shirodhara & Kansa Massage

Let's take it Deeper Add in the use of CBD oil for only $25 More

1.5 Hour   $135

Induce a state of relaxed awareness which results in a dynamic psycho-somatic balance. Shirodhara leads to a state of alert calmness similar to the relaxation response observed in meditation. The clinical benefits observed with Shirodhara in anxiety neurosis, hypertension, and stress aggravation due to chronic degenerative diseases could be mediated through these adaptive physiological effects.

Shirodhara is the Ayurvedic practice of a slow steady stream of liquid onto the third eye (center of forehead). The liquid is warmed to just above body temperature which will help your mind and body to flow into a state of relaxation. I blend this with the art of Kansa Massage which helps to relax, detox, and bring back body balance. 


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