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Manscape Your Landscape

Meet Your 
Male Waxing Specialist


I am impressed you have the guts to look me up!


Howdy I am George (yep that is a real-life picture of me) founder and creator of San Jose Male Waxing & Man Scaper Spa


I am glad you stopped by---if for nothing else just to leave your 0.02 cents (hey it adds up). 


San Jose Male Waxing opened in the South Bay Area of California in 2020 (my original studio in Albuquerque NM still exists check it out @ 


I have 22 years experience in the beauty biz along with 12 years of specialized expertise in working with male body waxing & male body grooming. I also have 13 years in the art and practice of massage under my belt. 


Whew that’s a lot of years! 


With all of the waxing, grooming and massage boutiques out there I am glad you have decided to visit my humble abode. My aim is to offer you an individualized & personalized treatment experience, without the fear of some Big Box salons or shops. I service only one client at a time and with that ensure to the best of my ability you will leave feeling better than when you arrived. 


I am humorous & sometimes offensive yet this is what makes me .... well me! I hope you enjoy your visit to my little Men's Waxing Studio.


Oh, and for goodness sake Wax Your Flippin' Bush!

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