Manscape Your Landscape

Meet Your 

Male Waxing Specialist

I am impressed you have the guts to look me up!


My name is George (yep real-life picture of me) founder and creator of San Jose Male Waxing & Man Scaper Spa. I am glad you stopped by---if for nothing else just to leave your 0.02 cents (hey it adds up). 


San Jose Male Waxing made the move to the BIG state of California in 2020. Many of the waxing boutiques are designed for women. @SJMW the main focus is on you the male client.  


So about me, I have over 19 years' experience in the business of beauty & 9 years in the massage business. What started as a part-time gig has now turned into a full-time business (hey thanks for your support everybody). I hold a Bachelor's In Business, HHP Diploma (Holistic Health Practitioner) & an AOS in Transpersonal Psychology, with certifications in Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching & Reiki Level 1. I am PCA Skin Certified in Basic and Advanced Skin Care. Oh, and I am also the WINNER of the 2019 Skin Games Waxing Competiton, making me the WAXER OF THE YEAR. 


I am humorous & sometimes offensive yet this is what makes me .... well me! I hope you enjoy your visit to my little Men's Waxing Studio.


Oh, and for goodness sake Wax That Shit!