anal & intimate bleaching

coming to an asshole near you soon 

What is Anal and Intimate Bleaching?


Anal Bleaching or Intimate Bleaching has been around since 1980 (give or take). What started in the adult entertainment industry as a way for adult actors to always have clean, shiny, and attractive body parts was made popular in 2004. When intimate bleaching was first aired on television through a cosmetic and plastic surgery reality series. Anal bleaching is a safe and effective way to increase your confidence, and look great during sex – without any side effects (unlike scary surgery).

Now you too can shine up those brown bits. 


What are the risks?


As with any advanced topical esthetic cosmetic procedure, the risks are fairly low. However, irritation, excessive itching, redness, or swelling of the area may occur. (please consult your doctor before any cosmeceutical treatments). 


What areas can be "Bleached"?


Anus, Bikini Line, Facial, and Under Arms are the most common. However, I use an organic natural skin lightener for this process, and it is safe to apply to almost any area where the skin is darker than the surrounding skin. 


Why "Bleach" my Asshole?


Well, Why Not? Due to the rise in intimate waxing and care, you may notice skin discolorations which never seemed to be there before. If this bothers you (or you want that Porn Star Glow) then Bleach it. 


How many treatments before I see a result?


In general, you will notice a lightening of the area with one treatment, however, (as with all skin lightening treatments) it will take a minimum of 6 in total to see "actual" results (everyone is different so results will also be different). This is why these sessions are sold in packages, yes you can buy one just to try but the packages save you $$$. Treatments are scheduled at least 1 week (no more than 2 weeks) apart. 


The Process - it takes about 20 minutes (yep that's it) to take you from Dirty Birdy to Nice and Tidy. 

Step 1.) Cleansing (yes I will be cleaning your Butthole) 

Step 2.) Exfoliation 

Step 3.) Lightener Enzyme (it may tingle, BUTT you can handle it)

Step 4.) Lightner Cream (this stays on, so you can have a Fresh Felling all Day)

Step 5.) Get up and Go Asshole!


*it is important to remember that if you are going to get warm after the session is over to use a cool cloth to keep the area dry, clean, and cool. 

Dirty Ass?

Clean it up...

Anal Bleaching

More Areas Coming Soon!