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anal & intimate Lightening

Brighten Up your Dirty Bits

The Process - it takes about 30 minutes (yep that's it) to take you from Dirty Birdy to Nice and Tidy. 

Step 1.) Cleansing (yes I will be cleaning your Butthole) 

Step 2.) Lactic acid clarifier (it may tingle, BUTT you can handle it)

Step 3.) Lightening solution 

Step 4.) Lightening Serum (you get one for at home use)

Step 5.) Calming Mask (this stays on your pretty little bits for 4 hours, then you can rinse away the dark days)

Step 6.) Get up and Go Asshole!

The new One Shot System utilizes the power of five skin brighteners; Azelaic, Resorcinol, Phytic, Tranexamic and Vitamin C. 

Combined these ingredients target the cellular function which allow for skin lightening to happen safely and naturally. This is a perfectly balanced system when combined with the At - Home - Care Serum which contains Kogic, Daisy Flower, Hyaluronic acid, Niacinamide, and Alpha Arbutin. 


comes with a 1/2 ounce bottle of at home care serum, this is used twice a day for best results.

Full 1 ounce bottles are Only $45.00 

(can be used anywhere on the body where lightening is desired)


Dirty Ass?

Clean it up...

Lighten Up Asshole
session @ $75
sessions @ $200

More Areas Coming Soon!

  • Can I bring someone with me to the appointment?
    This is a one MAN show. If you feel the need to have an audience I am sure that you could apply your talents and performance's to a situation where you could be earning A/AN/OR many Awards. (I do not give out awards) AT NO TIME IS IT OK TO BRING CHILDREN WITH YOU!
  • Should I Shave or Trim before I get waxed?
    NO, Please allow me to do this for you. The hair needs to be at least 1/2 inch in order for the wax to be effective.
  • What is the Wax Free Grooming all about?
    This is simply the use of clippers, trimmers & or scissors, to clean up that pesky out of control bush. No waxing is involved (unless you get brave), this is a great option to be introduced to the world of wax.
  • Do you work on Ladies?
    Yep sure do. Although my studio is designed for men, I have no problem working with you girls, just as long as your okay with a guy touching your girly parts.
  • Do you have a Pic?
    Yep sure do it is found HERE. Do you have other pictures? Nope sorry.
  • I need to change my appointment!
    Sure No Problem. Please visit the Booking and Scheduling page to learn more about this policy. Booking & Scheduling
  • I need to cancel my appointment!
    Ok. Please visit my Booking ans Scheduling page to learn more about this policy. Booking & Scheduling
  • What forms of Payment do you take?
    When booking your appointment you have the choice to use that CC for appointment reservation only or to leave it on file. YOU DO NOT PAY AT THE TIME OF BOOKING! Payments are always at the time of the service. I Take Credit Cards (all) Cash (of Course) Venmo (Download the app using my referral link: Cash App (Download it here
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