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anal & intimate Lightening

Brighten Up your Dirty Bits

The Process - it takes about 30 minutes (yep that's it) to take you from Dirty Birdy to Nice and Tidy. 

Step 1.) Cleansing (yes I will be cleaning your Butthole) 

Step 2.) Exfoliation 

Step 3.) Lactic acid clarifier (it may tingle, BUTT you can handle it)

Step 4.) Lightening solution 

Step 5.) Lightening Serum (you get one for at home use)

Step 6.) Calming Mask (this stays on your pretty little bits for 4 hours, then you rinse away the dark days)

Step 7.) Get up and Go Asshole!


*comes with a 1/2 ounce bottle of at home care serum, this is used twice a day for best results.

Dirty Ass?

Clean it up...

Lighten Up Asshole
sessions @ $195
6 sessions @ $345 

More Areas Coming Soon!

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