wax your body


Man Maintenance Redefined 

At SJ Male Waxing & Man Scaper Spa men's hair removal is not a service but considered a Waxing Treatment. Starting with the use of high-quality products delivered with unrivaled skill. My goal is to ensure your hair-free skin will thank you for visiting me. 


the thong


  • everything in the front pubic area

    • shaft​

    • ball sac

  • the in-between (base of ball-sac up to butt crack)

  • butt crack 

*formerly the Full Manzilian


the Ring of Fire


  • half moon shape around the base of the penis

    • shaft​

    • ball sac

  • the in-between (base of ball-sac up to butt crack)

  • can be with or without your butt crack 

*WBC means With Butt Crack



new waxes.009.png

the speedo


  • everything in the front pubic area

    • shaft​

    • ball sac

  • the in-between (base of ball-sac up to butt crack)

  • butt cheeks

    • butt crack 


the boxer

  • everything in the front pubic area

    • shaft​

    • ball sac

  • the in-between (base of ball-sac up to butt crack)

  • butt cheeks

    • butt crack​

  • about 3 inches down the leg (like a boxer)



the back


  • The base of neck to the top of waistline (where your pants are)

  • Back top of the shoulder area

  • Down to the “Short Sleeve T-Shirt” area on the arm


The Chest

  • From the top of the chest area to where your waist line is (where your pant or belt line is) 

  • Front of shoulder area



butt Cheeks & Crack

  • Both Butt Cheeks down to where "Brief" underwear rest 

  • Butt Crack


full Legs

  • from top of hip area to ankle

    • top of foot​

    • toes



Add On Services

(these services are only available upon request at the time of another service, they are not available for online booking. if one of these services is all that you are requesting you will need to text me the day of to see if there is time to squeeze you in)

Butt Cheeks.......$45 

Butt Crack.......$35       




Lip (upper only).......$10

Face Cheeks.......$20


Arm Pits.......$20


Half Leg.......$60

hot & hair free




Whole Body Includes






Arm Pits

Pubic Area



Butt Cheeks

Butt Crack




Partial Body Includes



Pubic Area


Butt Cheeks

Butt Crack

Specialty Waxing Starts @ $20

Don't see the wax that's right for you? Just Text or Email Me and let me know!


The Loyal package

Back, Sac, & Crack $100

waxing of your Back (shoulders too), ball sac, and your butt crack

Packages of 2

Back Wax    $85

Ring of Fire +  Butt Cack    $110

Ring of Fire's (no butt crack)    $100

Full Manzilian (The Thong)   $150

Speedo Wax   $160

Boxer Wax  $185


FAQ on Male Waxing

Can I bring someone with me to the appointment?

NO Sorry. Currently, due to covid, I ask that only you the client, and myself be in the office at this time. If an audience is what you desire, then I am sure you can audition for Adult Films (I do not offer Adult Film auditions).

I have never been waxed before, Will it HURT?

This depends on 1 your pain tolerance & 2 the area being waxed. In general, waxing does not “hurt” (that bad), and like I say it only hurts once. Check out the Scale-o-Pain to help you get a general idea of "pain". You can always take a few Ibuprofen 2 hours before as well.

Are you Male or Female?

I am MALE. You are welcome to learn more about me by visiting the About Me Page

I want to wax my Ding-A-Ling. What can I expect?

There are several options to choose from please check the Waxing section of the website to see which option is right for you. And just remember the shorter that grass is down there the bigger it looks, oh those optical illusions…

What happens if my Woody, gets a WOODY?

On this topic I know 2 things 1.) It is only weird if YOU make it weird & 2.) It only gets hard when you rub it

Should I Shave, Groom, or... Before I get WAXED?

NO, NO, NO… I will do everything for you. Grooming before the appointment not only makes my job more challenging, it could also mean we are unable to wax the area if it has been cut too short.

I am not sure I want a GUY touching my Tiny Tim.

Hey, that’s cool, then simply don’t book an appointment.

What type of men come in for a wax?

Everyone. I have seen clients from 20 to 85. Mainly the men who want to be waxed or groomed are gentlemen who enjoy the feeling of being free of hair and well-groomed. Not all are Gay and not all are “Straight”, but EVERYONE is HUMAN.

What will it be like after the wax is over?

Smooth, clean, and fresh. If you are doing intimate waxing you “MAY” feel a touch tender for a few hours and that is perfectly normal. The Friction Free after-effects of Intimate waxing (hell all waxing for that matter) is an amazing personal experience.

What is the Biggest DICK you have ever seen?

Well, yours of course!

Is it easier to wax if I am HARD?

It depends. If your "outie" is more like an innie then perhaps. However if you fit into the average (which almost all men do) to "larger" group then it dosen't make that much of a difference.