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Booking and Scheduling

Only One Dick, at a Time Boys!

I am by appointment only

Here are the rules when booking with me. 

Howdy, Hot Stuff!


Thank you so much for supporting me!

Don't be a stranger and book your damn appointment already! 

Not all services are available for booking and scheduling.


Please remember that if time is not available I may be at my Albuquerque NM office please check the Man Scaper Spa website for more information, and as always feel free to shoot me a text 408-641-8123.

Time is the one thing in life we can not return or get back. Which means that if you have taken the time to book the appointment and I have taken the time to ensure that I am ready for your appointment then I also Expect compensation, regardless if you are there or not. 

I Want to Book an Appointment

EVERYONE will need to book Online

*Pre-Payment is Now REQUIRED (credit card through online booking site*) 


Each service has a Time associated with it, so if you are unable to schedule it is probably due to the fact the TIME of the Service(s) selected is too long


*Simply booking one service then arriving and asking for other services will more than likely not work, please just text to see if there is time for the service(s) you would like. 

Want to pay another way? I take Venmo and Cash App, you will need to Send Payment BEFORE the service is booked

I am only interested in serious inquires to my services so not all services listed are available for booking and scheduling

I Want to Cancel, Change or Just not Show Up for my Appointment


I ask for a 48 Hour Notice to CANCEL or change your appointment (no refunds are given for pre-booked)


I allow a 10 Minute Late Window Policy, failing to contact me in that time frame and I will Consider you a No Call No Show 


No Call No Shows will have inability to schedule future appointments with me


I do not offer refunds

By booking and scheduling your appointment with me, YOU are agreeing to and Fully understand the policies above!

*I booked online and put my CC info in, but my appointment has not yet been "approved/accepted"? In general I "Approve and/or Accept" PREPAID appointments about a week before the appointment, your CC will be charged at that time.

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