Booking and Scheduling

Only One Dick, at a Time Boys!

I am by appointment only

Here are the rules when booking with me. 

Howdy, Hot Stuff!

Thank you so much for supporting me!

Don't be a stranger and book your damn appointment already! 

  • All appointments will need to be Booked Online through the website and secured with a credit card. (*please note that your CC is not actually charged, I never have access to this information, you will still need to pay at the time of service)

  • Because some people suffer from Dick-itus, Booking Online is the best way to get Hot and Hair Free with me.  

  • My availability is limited so pre-booking is always recommended.

  • Cancelations will need to be 24 hours In advance.

  • Don't feel like coming in? Not showing up for your appointment at the time you booked will result in your credit card being charged the full-service fee plus a $50.00 inconvenience fee. 

  • While I would love to wait around for you all day. There is a 10 min. late arrival window, if you fail to contact me within the 10 min. window I will consider you a No Show and charge your credit card as laid out above. 

  • No Shows will also result in the inability to reschedule with me in the future.

  • Packages - if you have purchased a package and need to cancel the same policy above applies. If you need to reschedule your package there is a limit of 2 reschedules before the package becomes void. Not Showing for a scheduled package service results in the Voiding of entire remaining credits as well as a $50 inconvenience fee charge. 

  • First and Last name is required for booking as well as a Phone number. 

Please remember that if time is not available I may be at my Albuquerque NM office please check the Man Scaper Spa website for more information. 

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