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Important Info.

Due to recent changes in my personal life which will affect Man Scaper Spa, there will be some important changes in the process of Booking your appointments. Please read through the following points so there is a clearer understanding of how Man Scaper Spa is changing. Hours have been extended which now also include Sundays. 


  1. All appointments will need to be Booked Online through the website and secured with a credit card. 

  2. I will no longer book appointments through Text or Phone Calls, I will instead redirect you back to the online booking system. 

  3. Availability will be Extremely Limited which is why Everyone must book and secure their appointment through the online booking system. 

  4. Massage along with some other services will no longer be available. 

  5. Packages have now changed - If you pre-book your appointment you will receive a 25% discount on Previous Packaged services (Full Manzilian, Back Wax, Ring of Fire + Butt Crack). 

  6. There will be a price increase starting in October 2019.

  7.  Booking will be for only 90 days out at a time. 

  8. Cancelations will need to be at least One Week In advance.

  9.  Not showing up for your appointment at the time you booked will result in your credit card being charged the full-service fee plus a $50.00 inconvenience fee. 

  10. There will be a 5 min. late arrival window, if you fail to contact me within the 5 min. window I will consider you a No Show and charge your credit card as laid out above. 

  11. No Shows will also result in the inability to reschedule with me in the future. 

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